VTLS Development Department, Web Software Group


"Chaos dwells in the heart of harmony."

The mission of the VTLS Development Team is to create and sustain a customer-focused, quality-driven, collaborative development environment to best advance the overall mission of our company.

The Software

Vectors iPortal
The iPortal is the Web OPAC for Virtua. It is written in C/C++, and acts as a Z39.50 origin (client).
The Software Formerly Known as Web Reports, InfoStation provides Virtua with its reporting capabilities. InfoStation is written in Perl, and communicates directly with the Virtua Oracle database.
VITAL (VTLS Imaging Technology for Advanced Learning) is a Digital Asset Management product currently under development by the Imaging group.
Language Editor Web Edition
The Language Editor Web Edition is used to translate configuration files for the Vectors iPortal, the Book Locator, and InfoStation
Tame the MetaData Jungle with MetaCat. MetaCat is fundamentally a MARC record creation tool. It allows someone to create web forms with labels and data entry fields that get translated using templates into the fields and subfields of a MARC record. MetaCat is a brilliant tool that allows non Library Science trained entry operators create fully verified MARC records.
Fastrac is the name of the software and hardware offerings of the VTRAX division of VTLS.

The People

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